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Paramedic Services Week is a time to take a moment to acknowledge the dedication and commitment paramedic professional deliver to the public as part of the healthcare team; there when you need them and there to help!

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Moose Jaw & District Ems Paramedic Services


Thank you to our PAramedic Team!

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May 23-29, 2021

Moose Jaw and District EMS wants to assure the public that our dedicated Paramedics are ready and available to continue to serve you in your medical needs during this unprecedented time.

Every effort is being made to ensure our operational planning includes maintaining our essential service response levels so that if you need us, we will be there. From the health of our paramedics to the maintenance of our fleet, all aspects of operations are being reviewed to ensure appropriate in protecting your health and assuring availability.  We further want to assure the public that while it is our normal standard of practice to maintain a high-level of cleaning and disinfection procedures, rest assured we have taken further measures to ensure our disinfection procedures are appropriate to ensure the highest of quality with the health and safety of everyone a priority.

Our paramedics are very well trained and properly equipped with appropriate precautions using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect YOU and themselves when needed. We remind the public that if you see our paramedics in additional protective gear like masks and isolation gowns not to be worried.  This practice is to protect YOU and the PARAMEDICS who are there to help.

While WE are doing what we can, we need YOUR help too!  From the additional COVID-19 screening questions you might be asked when you call 9-1-1 to the secondary screening paramedics may preform, information you provide our communication center and paramedics will make a difference in everyone's efforts to addressing and minimizing the infection and transmission rates of COVID-19 in our community. Please take the time to stay informed, follow the recommendations from health and government officials to do your part during this Pandemic.

Our organization and team are in constant contact with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, health care partners and government officials staying up-to-date on the latest information needed to continue serving the public. We encourage everyone to do the same at

Stay Informed. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns. 

As we close out this year’s Paramedic Services Week, we wanted to extend our thanks and gratitude to all of our Paramedic Professionals. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the team of professionals we have here in Moose Jaw, and that’s not by chance.  It’s the result of the high level of dedication and commitment to the profession, the organization, the public and yourselves as paramedics you all display; for that you should be PROUD.

While this year is certainly different in how we recognize the paramedic profession with many limitations, it is no less important. You have received many well-deserved accolades from many organizations nationally, provincially and locally but most importantly…the public at large.  We have always believed it is important to take a moment and accept the many “thanks” that are directed toward you for the selfless work you do.  While sometimes paramedics think we are “just doing our jobs” and no thanks is necessary, yet it absolutely is!  The importance and risks of your profession are highlighted so much more this year amidst a pandemic.  The display of efforts that have been demonstrated, as so much more is asked of you in the recent months is credible to you all! You deserve the thanks!

While the world and society is different today than yesterday and more so likely tomorrow, even how we perform our duties today and forward is changing, what has NOT changed is WHAT we do and WHY we do it. Always try to remember this. Stay focused, stay informed and stay healthy; physically AND mentally.

Your profession is hard some days. Your profession has risks. Remember though, you have the equipment to make the difference, tools to keep you safe and there are more good days than bad. Focus on the good days, lots to remember!

We truly believe there is no more gratifying of an opportunity to be fortunate enough to help someone in their time of need.

The public TRUSTS paramedics.  The public trusts YOU. Your LEADERSHIP trusts you.

Take care of yourself. Take care of each other.
LAUGH when you can.  CRY when tragedy occurs.  Ask for HELP when you need to.
Continue to be KIND. SHARE.

Be PROUD as a paramedic professional and the service you provide, WE ARE.

   —Moose Jaw and District Paramedic Services Leadership Team—

We protect the health of the community by delivering the highest level of out-of-hospital service for Moose Jaw, Central Butte and surrounding area.

Paramedic Services Week 2021

We set the standard for paramedic service by continually improving patient care.